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Pet Stain Cleaning

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On the other side, we will never live without our pets and living with them poses challenges – in particular cleaning. The challenges you face are indoor ‘accidents’ or signage, shedding during hot weather and litter box smell.

Professional Pet Stain Cleaning Service In Baytown, TX

Particularly when incidents like urine or faeces on your carpets, rugs or upholstery occur at frustrating moments. Baytown Carpet Cleaning Pros are experts at pet stain cleaning. We can identify the areas in your house and clean them so there are no stains or odors. We use a black light to find out the urine stains.We will use chalk to slightly mark them so we know all the identified soiled spots.

If you want to extract and clean the best pet stain and odour, then we are the people for you. We know the pain of the stroke of pet odors and stains, it is terrible. We love our fur-babies and often hate their smells and stains. Therefore, a deep but healthy cleaning has been given for any pet stain and smell. Our clients know how hard our experts work to accomplish the mission. We possess all the experience and know-how to deal with all animal stains and problems associated with animal odour. One thing that is nice is that our cleaning solutions have no chemicals, so that you, your family and your pets are absolutely safe. Free estimates are available on line, phone, e-mail, text and chat. Our service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No extra fees are paid even early mornings, late nights, weekends and holidays.

Our first step is to assess the area to be handled. A UV light is provided to locate problem areas which may be not seen under normal lighting. The examination is done with a UV light. This defines, along with the right formula, the right area to be handled. The method of treating pet stain and odour removal consists of using a pre-conditioner to remove the stains and spots. The formula used in the treatment process is environmentally friendly and contains enzyme-creating bacteria useful to digest and degrade all organic waste and remove all forms of smells and blemishes. When our experts examine the stain or smell entering the surface, the procedure also involves the treatment of the ground. Cleaning solutions are used to achieve final results after all polluted areas are located. The areas are subsequently saturated with an autonomous and potent oxidizer which not only eliminates spots and tubes, but also odours. The last step includes a fresh water rinsing procedure to remove stains, odours and residues. AB Rug Cleaning provides high quality and assured facilities for the removal of animal stain and odour. Try our cleaning services today and free the odour and stain of your pet house.

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No one wants to come to a house that is smelling that pet urine. Pets have a very bad smelling desicates. They can completely ruin someone’s experience in your house if they have to sit on a sofa that smells like piss. Many times using home remedy can’t get the odor off. No matter what you try, the odor and the slight stain remains. You might end up damaging your expensive upholstery if you try harsh methods to remove the stain.


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